May 23 2022

Active ingredient: lincomycin

Bioavailability of lincomycin is dependent on gastric content. Thus, bioavailability of this drug is 71% in fasting state, while if taken with food is 41%. Moreover, Cmax is nearly twice in fasting that after eating, 8 and 5 mcg / ml, according to data from animal experiments[1].

Therefore, to achieve adequate absorption of lincomycin, should be avoided ingestion of food or beverages from two hours before to two hours after taking the drug .

Cyclamate as additive of certain foods and beverages reduces the absorption of lincomycin.


1: Nielsen P, Gyrd-Hansen N. Bioavailability of spiramycin and lincomycin after oral administration to fed and fasted pigs. J Vet Pharmacol Ther. 1998 Aug;21(4):251-6.