May 27 2022


HIV-infected mothers should not breastfeed their infants in developed countries, but where there is not possible a safe bottle feeding, exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is recommended to reduce the risk of HIV transmission from the mother to the infant, instead of mixed feeding. Although antiretroviral therapy in breastfed infants can reduce the rate of HIV transmission during breastfeeding, actually it is not know the best treatment for this purpose.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Abacavir and its metabolites are secreted into the milk of lactating rats. It is expected that these will also be secreted into human milk, although this has not been confirmed. There are no data available on the safety of abacavir when administered to babies less than three months old. It is therefore recommended that mothers do not breast-feed their babies while receiving treatment with abacavir. Additionally, it is recommended that HIV infected women do not breast-feed their infants under any circumstances in order to avoid transmission of HIV.