May 22 2022


No data are available regarding the use of this medicine during breastfeeding nor have been reported adverse effects in the baby. Alosetron has a short half-life, although the active metabolites of this substance have a far greater persistence in the plasma, which, at least theoretically, may facilitate the accumulation of those in the plasma of the child.

However, it is thought that the plasma concentration in infants is probably low, since the bioavailability of the drug itself decreases in the presence of food.

While there is insufficient data about the behavior of this substance in the nursing mother and the child, it is preferable not to use during breastfeeding.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Alosetron and / or its metabolites are excreted in the milk of lactating rats. It is unknown if the same happens in humans. Because many drugs are excreted through breast milk, precautions should be taken when administering to a nursing woman.