May 27 2022


Butorphanol is considered compatible with breastfeeding.

According to the limited amount of information available, this substance is excreted in small amounts in breast milk and is absorbed orally in modest amounts. The oral bioavailability in adults is 17%, and probably similar in infants, limiting the possibility of adverse effects on the baby. Based on observations of small numbers of patients, it is estimated that an exclusively breastfed baby could ingest a maximum of 0.12% of the dose given to the mother.

No observations have been published on the use of repeated doses and / or elevated of this drug during breastfeeding, so that if necessary the use of analgesics in this circumstance, it is preferable to use other substances, especially in very young infants or premature. Another alternative would be to limit the dose given and delivering a drug to supplement the analgesic effect by closely monitoring the baby, like other narcotics.

Warning of the manufacturer:

This drug is not currently marketed in most countries.