May 27 2022


Ciprofloxacin is considered compatible with breastfeeding.

Quinolones have not been used during breastfeeding because of the theoretical risk of harm osteocartilaginous that could produce these substances. However, more recent studies indicate that the risk is low, since the calcium in the milk could avoid partially the absorption of the drug.

It is estimated that an exclusively breastfed infant could ingest a maximum of 0.57 mg/kg/day of ciprofloxacin, away from the therapeutic dose for baby (10-40 mg/kg/day).

It is recommended breastfeeding after three or four hours of taking the drug to minimize the intake of the substance.

It has been published a case of necrotizing enterocolitis in an infant of two months caused by self-medication of the mother with the drug.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Ciprofloxacin is excreted in breast milk. Due to the potential risk of articular damage, ciprofloxacin should not be used during lactation.