May 27 2022


At usual doses, clindamycin is considered compatible with breastfeeding.

It is estimated that an exclusively breastfed infant can ingest 1-2% of the maternal dose. However, this antibiotic can cause disturbances in the intestinal flora of infants, so that, whenever possible, should be resorted to another antibiotic. In another case, although breastfeeding should continue, it is recommended to monitor the possible occurrence of diarrhea, oral or genital candidiasis or even more alarming signs of enterocolitis.

It should be noted the possibility of adverse effects even when the drug is administered through the vagina, as it is absorbed in a significant proportion (30%).

Warning of the manufacturer:

Clindamycin is excreted in breast milk with the consequent risk to the infant.

The decision to suspend or not treatment during lactation will be made ??on the basis of the importance of the drug to the mother.