May 22 2022


In the same way as with other psychotropic drugs have been reported only a small number of observations about the use of clonazepam during breastfeeding. To this is added the possible distortion of the pharmacokinetic data caused by the simultaneous administration of other anticonvulsants, which can inhibit or stimulate the metabolism of clonazepam, so that, the correlation between the dose administered to the mother and the serum and milk concentration of clonazepam can vary greatly from one patient to another.

Taking into account the exception stated, probably the infant receives less than or equal to 2.5% of the dose given to the mother.

Have been described cardiorespiratory changes in an infant whose mother received clonazepam, consisting in periodic breathing, apnea and crisis of cyanosis, attributed by the authors of observation to clonazepam. However, it seems reasonable to continue breastfeeding if the mother needs this medicine. In that case, the doctor should monitor the possible occurrence of neurological depression and cardiorespiratory or alteration of weight and psychomotor development in children .

Es recomendable determinar el nivel de clonazepam en la sangre del lactante si parece estar mas sedado de lo habitual.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Although it has been shown that clonazepam passes into breast milk in small amounts, mothers treated with this medicine should not breastfeed their children. If treatment with clonazepam is considered absolutely necessary, breastfeeding should be discontinued.