May 27 2022


The information available about the use of this drug during lactation is scarce. According to the few published studies, the drug reach a low concentration in milk, as long as no exceed 80 mg of active substance per day, and it would be unlikely that could produce adverse effects in the baby.

A study on eight women treated with a single dose of 80 mg of eletriptan, showed that the drug reached in the milk a concentration of 1.7 mcg/L after an interval of 24 hours from the administration of 12.9 mcg of eletriptan.

No adverse effects have been reported on the baby or breastfeeding.

Although there is no formal cataloging of this substance as compatible with breastfeeding, similar drugs are considered as such.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Eletriptan is excreted in breast milk. In a study of 8 women who receiving a single dose of 80 mg, the mean total amount of eletriptan in breast milk of this group over 24 hours was 0.02% of the administered dose. However, it should be caution when considering the administration of this drug to women who are breastfeeding. Infant exposure can be minimized by avoiding breastfeeding during 24 hours after treatment.