May 27 2022


Because of the risk of damage to the cartilage of conjunction, the fluoroquinolones have not been used in children. However it seems that this eventuality is quite further away from what could be estimated.

It is thought that the calcium in breast milk may prevent absorption of the amount of drug that could pass to the baby through breastfeeding, although there are no data from clinical studies wich allow say it for sure.

In general, it is considered that it might be acceptable a short term maternal treatment with enoxacin , but probably is better option to choose an alternative medicine, with a well established safety of use.

From the observational data obtained with ofloxacion, it follows that the maximum concentration in breast milk is reached within two hours of taking the drug (2.4 mg/L), which is reduced by half after six hours.

Warning of the manufacturer:

It is unknown whether enoxacin is excreted in breast milk, although experimental studies indicate that is excreted through milk secretion in rats. Other drugs of the same group are eliminated through human milk and, therefore, there is the risk of serious adverse reactions and should be avoided simultaneous breastfeeding and enoxacin administration.