May 27 2022


Gentamicin is considered compatible with breastfeeding.

It is unlikely that the infant absorbs a significant amount when administered to the mother this aminoglycoside. In normal doses, the concentration of the substance in the child is usually undetectable.

From published data it is inferred that serum levels of gentamicin in the baby are enough below of therapeutic range in the infant itself, given the low absorption in the intestine of the child and the low level of excretion in breast milk of the substance.

The only potential risk lies in the alteration of intestinal flora that the drug could produce, that could result in disorders as diarrhea or candidiasis.

Topical application of gentamicin in the form of creams or eye or ear drops surely lacks risk of harm to the child.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Gentamicin is excreted in breast milk at concentrations similar to those in plasma. Aminoglycosides are poorly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, therefore it is unlikely that the infant absorbs significant amounts of aminoglycosides or this drug could produce serious problems to the baby. Before administration of gentamicin to the mother, should assess the potential benefit regarding the risk of its administration during lactation.