May 27 2022


The available information suggests that haloperidol, at usual dose, reaches a modest concentration in human milk and is unlikely to cause disorders in the baby. From the limited data available, we highlight an observation which showed a slowing of psychomotor development in two infants whose mothers also received chlorpromazine. It should be noted in this regard the possible detrimental influence of other antipsychotic drugs concurrently administered to the mother.Other studies, by contrast, do not detect abnormalities in infants.

There have been reports of galactorrhea in the mother, caused by increased prolactin, consecutive to taking haloperidol.

If a nursing mother receives haloperidol, no reason to stop breastfeeding, but baby should be monitored, especially their progress and neuromotor maturation.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Haloperidol is excreted in breast milk, so breastfeeding is contraindicated during treatment with haloperidol because of the risk of extrapyramidal effects in the newborn.