May 22 2022


Loratadine is considered compatible with breastfeeding.

This substance and its active metabolite, desloratadine,reach a low concentration in breast milk and lack the sedative and anticholinergic effects of other antihistamines, so it is unlikely to produce disorders in the baby.

A normal or even higher doses, the amount transferred of the substance to the milk is less than 1.2% of the administered to the mother. However, its combined use with pseudoephedrine may negatively affect breastfeeding. It is known that some antihistamines may decrease prolactin secretion in women who are not breastfeeding, although the significance of this effect on nursing mothers has not been systematically established.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Loratadine is excreted in breast milk, so its administration is not recommended in breastfeeding women.