May 27 2022


Some clinical studies of the use of metformin during lactation indicate that the drug concentration in breast milk is low, although has been detected in the serum of infants in several observations. Occasionally the metformin has reached in infants 10-15% of maternal serum level.

It is estimated that an exclusively breastfed infant would receive less than 0.5% of the weight-adjusted maternal dose.

No adverse effects were detected in infants whose mothers have received metformin during breastfeeding. However, if used the drug,, should be done with special caution, especially in premature newborns.

As with other antidiabetic agents, should be closely monitored blood glucose in the babies during mother's treatment with oral hypoglycemic agents.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Metformin is excreted into the milk in lactating rats. No similar data are available in humans, so a decision must be made about ??whether to discontinue nursing or to discontinue metformin, taking into account the importance of the drug to the mother.