May 27 2022


It is admitted by the scientific community that tetracyclines are contraindicated during breastfeeding because of the risk of antibiotic deposition on the enamel and bones. However, it is unlikely that the use for a short time period can cause problems in the baby, because of the limited absorption of the drug, either by binding to the milk's calcium or the of drug modest by the milk.

If a nursing mother should receive minocycline for a short period of time, can continue breastfeeding, but should be monitored for possible occurrence of diarrhea, oral or anogenital candidiasis and rashes on the baby.

The drug can dye milk of black colour , probably due to chelate iron accumulation of minocycline in macrophages present in milk. In these cases, the iron concentration in milk secretion is very high.

Warning of the manufacturer:

This medication should not be administered to nursing women.