May 27 2022


The available information suggests that the usual doses of olanzapine up to 20 mg / day, are undetectable in the child and most likely do not influence the state nor the baby's development. It is estimated that the infant ingests an amount not exceeding 4% of the maternal weight adjusted dose.

Occasionally, there have been some demonstrations of adverse effects attributed to this substance, such as jaundice, sedation, lethargy, diarrhea, rashes, muscle spasms or weak suck. As in the case of other antipsychotics, the association of similar drugs can extend the undesirable effects on the baby.

Warning of the manufacturer:

In a study in healthy lactating women, we observed Olanzapine excretion in milk. Average exposure at equilibrium state (mg/kg) of the infant was estimated at 1.8% of the maternal olanzapine dose. Should be advised against breastfeeding to women treated with olanzapine.