May 27 2022


Remifentanil is a remarkably rapid removal substance, and its half-life period of about three minutes only, so it is unlikely to injure the infant when administered as part of a surgical procedure analgesia intrapartum.

No information is available regarding the use of this substance in nursing mothers, so its utilization should be avoided and should be administered an alternative drug.

As with other similar drugs, if the mother needs to be treated with this drug beyond childbirth, the baby should be closely monitored for signs of neurological or cardiorespiratory depression.

Warning of the manufacturer:

It is unknown whether remifentanil is excreted in human milk. However, as the fentanyl analogues are excreted in human milk and has been detected the presence of material related to remifentanil in rat milk after its administration, it is advisable to stop breastfeed during 24 hours after administration of remifentanil.