May 27 2022


Spironolactone is considered compatible with breastfeeding.

Has been described a case report of jaundice in a newborn whose mother received, 75 mg of spironolactone besides atenolol, bretylium, propranolol and various vitamins. The doctors who treated the patient felt that the case was not likely due to the diuretic.

Another study estimated the total dose received by the infant is 0.2% of the administered to the mothers, mainly in the form of canrenone, the major active metabolite of this drug.

No known adverse effects of spironolactone on breastfeeding.

Warning of the manufacturer:

The canrenone (major metabolite of spironolactone) is excreted in breast milk. It is estimated that the infant receives at most 0.2% of the daily maternal dose. If the use of spironolactone is essential in the treatment of breast-feeding women, breast-feeding should be replaced by artificial feeding during the treatment period.