May 27 2022


Although the occasional use of sufentanil during labor did not seem to produce a significant transfer of medication to the infant, in prolonged treatment beyond birth, the long period of elimination causes a significant increase in the passage of drug to baby.

Since there is insufficient experience regarding a prolonged administration of this substance during breastfeeding, is preferable to replace it with another drug. However, in the event that the use were necessary for a woman who is breastfeeding her child, it is not imperative to stop breastfeeding, but baby should be closely monitored to detect early signs of neurological or cardiorespiratory depression, reducing to the minimum the dose of sufentanil, complementing with non-narcotic analgesic treatment if necessary.

No alterations have been reported in infants whose mothers received sufentanil during labor.

Warning of the manufacturer:

It is not documented that the drug is eliminated in human milk. Consequently breastfeeding should be discontinued 24 hours after administration of sufentanil.