May 27 2022


Temazepam reaches a low level in the blood, also having relatively short half-life. Both circumstances will cause that the amount of the drug ingested by the infant be small, assuming, therefore a rather remote risk to the infant at the usual doses for use. The amount received by the baby may even be minimized by taking the drug immediately after feed preceding the longest sleep period of the child, what usually happens at night.

Several published observations indicate that the amount of temazepam or its metabolite oxazepam in breast milk and baby's plasma are undetectable . However, in some cases, the drug is slowly metabolized and the infant can get to ingest significantly more than in the generality of cases. A case report of slowly metabolization showed a milk concentration of temazepam between 26 and 28 mg/L over 12 hours after taking the drug.

There have been no reported cases of adverse reactions in infants caused by this substance.

Warning of the manufacturer:

Benzodiazepine derivatives are excreted in breast milk, so that temazepam should not be administered to lactating women.