January 22 2022

Through this option you can calculate the calorie expenditure produced by different physical activities set out in our website. You can design a model of physical activity that allows you to balance your caloric intake through food or create a negative balance that allows you to lose weight. You can also determine the number of calories you want to "burn" through physical activity, resulting in outcome as time or type of physical activity appropriate for your target. You can integrate planning data to design a diet with your personal data with the "plan" option. Also is recommedable to read the warning at the end of page. We hope these pages be useful for you.

Types of activities


Includes cycling ride, racing and also the mode of exercise bike.

Care for children or elderly

Caregiving is a job that requires physical exertion. Includes play with children of different ages, walking with them or care for them and also tasks related to seniors.


The dance, both popular and classical are included in this section.

Gymnastics with or without apparatus

Includes activities gymnastics with or without apparatus. Also, includes yoga as physical activity, water gymnastics and stretching.

Home and Garden

This section includes housework like cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, etc.

Home repairs

Although household repairs are usually not repetitive activities, we believe it is appropriate to include it in this list.

Hunting and fishing

Includes large and small game and fishing in river and sea, both by boat and from the shore.


This section includes leisure activities not covered in other sections (reading, watching TV shows or, develop handicrafts, etc. )


Includes activities related to play different instruments, both sitting or standing like a marching band.

Other activities

Includes activities not covered in other sections.


It includes a number of sports, not including gymnastics, which is the subject of its own section.

Walking and running

Includes recreational activities practiced more assiduously: walking, running at different intensities and racing.

Water Activities

Includes activities such as rowing, swimming, diving and water skiing.


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