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List of brands containing oxazepam   

This page contains list of brands of authorized pharmaceutical specialties of the active principle oxazepam in the countries listed below:

Australia] [ Brazil] [ Canada] [ France] [ Germany] [ India] [ Italy] [ Japan] [ Mexico] [ Pakistan] [ Puerto Rico] [ Spain] [ Turkey] [ United Kingdom] [ U.S.A]

Given the nature of the pharmaceutical market, some specialties may be unavailable, have been removed from the pharmaceutical market or have changed its name. So that, in no case can take decisions based on the information contained in the page. MEDIZZINE is not responsible for any damage arising from the information provided, which may be incomplete or outdated.

Indications and usage     

Oxazepam is a drug belonging to the group of benzodiazepines, which includes among other diazepam alprazolam, bromazepam, lorazepam, and clonazepam.

This substance is indicated for the short-term treatment (up to 4 weeks) of anxiety disorders or The short-term relief of symptoms of disabling or distressing anxiety, which may or may not be associated with sleep deprivation or other disorders.

This includes the anxiety associated with depression and anxiety, tension, agitation and irritability in elderly patients. Oxazepam is also indicated in the treatment of anxiety associated with withdrawal syndrome in alcoholic patients undergoing detoxification.

Important Note : Anxiety or tension associated with the stress of everyday life usually does not require treatment with an anxiolytic.

Oxazepam should be used for the shortest time possible without exceeding a period of four weeks. If used continuously for too long, there is a risk of creating a dependency on this drug, and problems by stopping taking the medicine may appear.

This risk increases with increasing the dose administered and/or the duration of treatment Another circumstance that increases this risk is the history of abuse of other substances, such as alcohol or drugs.

Medizzine recommends consulting your doctor if you are unsure (or you do not know) why you have been given oxazepam.

Other ingredients of available commercial presentations:

Tablets: Besides the active ingredient oxazepam. the other components include lactose, corn starch, and magnesium stearate.

Capsules Besides the active ingredient, inert ingredients include starch corn, croscarmellose sodium, FD&C red no 40 , gelatin, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, methylparaben, propylparaben, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, and D&C red no 28.


The composition of the various presentations may vary from one country to another. We recommend you consult the information provided by your local supplier.

Important information     

This medicine contains lactose. If your doctor has told you that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact him before taking it.

This medicine in capsules can cause allergic reactions (possibly delayed) because it contains parabens (methyl and propyl parabens)

Before taking the drug     

Do not use oxazepam

If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to oxazepam or any of the other ingredients of the medicinal product prescribed to you. If you think may be allergic, ask your doctor.

Allergy symptoms may include:

- Asthma attacks with shortness of breath, audible wheezing or rapid breathing.
- More or less sudden swelling of the face, lips, tongue or elsewhere in the body. It is especially critical if it affects the vocal cords.
- Hives, itching, rash
- Anaphylactic shock (loss of consciousness, paleness, sweating, etc.).

Nor you should take this medicine:

- If you have a phobia (fear of an object or situation), obsessions or other mental illness,
- If you have serious problems in the chest, including respiratory disorders,
- You suffer sleep apnea,
- If you have myasthenia gravis (a muscle disease characterized by weakness and fatigability extremely easy)
- If you suffer from a serious liver disorder.

Take special care with oxazepam

- If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant ,
- If you have a history of abuse of other substances, including alcohol, drugs or medication,
- If you have an important disease in the lungs (including respiratory problems), liver or kidneys,
- If you have or have had depression since oxazepam may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or increase depression,
- If you have a personality disorder,
- If you have an eye condition called glaucoma


While you be taking this medicine, there is a risk of dependence, which increases as the dose and duration of treatment and in patients with a history of alcoholism and drug abuse.


If, after a few weeks of treatment, you observe that the medicine does not produce the expected effect and this has decreased significantly, consult your doctor because you may be experiencing a phenomenon of tolerance to the effects of the drug.

Withdrawal of oxazepam

This medicine should be withdrawn gradually. because, otherwise, it can lead to a withdrawal syndrome. Withdrawal symptoms may occur when the dose is reduced faster than recommended is reduced.

Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medicine only for you. Never give it to someone else.

If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Taking other medicines

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, including herbal products or drugs obtained without a prescription.


Especially if you are taking:

- Antidepressants, Antipsychotic, other drugs with sedative effect , such as Antihistamines (eg chlorpheniramine, to treat allergies), anesthetics , lofexidine (to relieve symptoms when opioid therapy is interrupted, nabilone (to treat nausea and vomiting), hypnotics (to help sleep),,alpha blockers or moxonidine muscle relaxants (eg baclofen tizanidine probenecid (used to treat gout) or medications containing alcohol. Taking these medicines along with oxazepam can give you very sleepy.
- Some powerful analgesics can give a greater sense of well-being when taken together with oxazepam, which may increase the desire to continue taking these and/or cause drowsiness,
- Medicines for epilepsy eg. hydantoins (phenytoin) or barbiturates. Oxazepam can cause side effects more frequent,
- contraceptives containing estrogen, as they may reduce the effectiveness of oxazepam,
- Rifampicin, an antibiotic. This medicine is an enzyme inducer and may lead to a faster elimination of oxazepam,
- antiretrovirals, eg. zidovudine, as they may have a slower elimination if taken along with oxazepam. Other drugs in the group can make the elimination of oxazepam is slower, as eg. ritonavir,
- Medicines to treat high blood pressure (increased effect),
- Drugs that inhibit liver enzymes responsible for removing oxazepam (increased effects of oxazepam),
- Levodopa, a drug used to treat Parkinson's disease. Concurrent use with oxazepam can reduce the effects of that substance

Use with food and beverages

You should not consume beverages containing alcohol while on treatment with oxazepam. Alcohol may increase the sedative effects of this hypnotic and can lead to drowsiness.

Special physiological situations

Pregnancy and lactation:

Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Do not take oxazepam if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or you are breastfeeding your child.

If you take this medicine during late pregnancy or during labor you can harm your baby and may suffer a decrease of body temperature, flaccidity or muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, and may have difficulties to feed. Also, if you take this medicine regularly during pregnancy, your baby may experience withdrawal symptoms.


Oxazepam is not recommended in patients less than 16 years. In some countries, it is authorized from 18 years of age.

Use in elderly patients

Oxazepam can be given to elderly patients, adjusting the dose according to the functional capacity of the liver and kidney. The elderly have greater sensitivity to adverse effects of benzodiazepines, that the doctor will consider when prescribing these drugs.

Driving and using machines

Oxazepam may cause dizziness or drowsiness and impair the ability of concentration, which can hinder your ability to drive or operate potentially dangerous machinery. Do not perform any of these tasks while taking this medicine until you know that the treatment does not prevent you from doing so with full security guarantees for you or others.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine.

How to use oxazepam     

Follow carefully instructions of use of oxazepam provided by your doctor. Consult your doctor or pharmacist when in doubt. Follow the instructions of the physician in preference to those given in this website, which may be different. Ask your doctor to explain any aspect that you do not understand, contained in the instruction leaflet that comes with the medicine.

Oxazepam should not be taken more than 4 weeks. This medicine should be swallowed accompanied by a drink of water. It requires you to have seven or eight hours of uninterrupted sleep after taking the drug.


The usual dose is one to two tablets of 15 mg three or four times a day (or its equivalent in another format). Your doctor will indicate the dose and frequency of administration of the drug for your particular case.


The usual dose is 15-25 mg one hour before bedtime. Your doctor may change the dose and increase it up to 50 mg.

Patients with liver or kidney disorders:

The doctor may reduce the dose in proportion to the degree of impaired function of the kidney or liver.

Elderly or very sensitive patients to the effects of benzodiazepines:

Patients under 16

Oxazepam is not recommended for children under 16 years. In some countries, its use is not authorized under 18 years.

If you think the effect of the medicine is too strong or too weak, consult your doctor.

If you have any further questions on the use of this product, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

While you take oxazepam     

If a doctor prescribes another medicine, tell you are taking oxazepam.

Check with your doctor regularly developments of disorder that motivates the use of oxazepam. Maybe there is some reason that prevented you properly receive the indicated doses and induce your doctor to erroneous conclusions about treatment.

Do not restart treatment with oxazepam at your own risk without first talking to your doctor, nor encourage its use by another person, even if have the same symptoms you have. Nor is it advisable to interrupt or reduce the dose without considering the opinion of your doctor.

If you feel unwell during treatment with oxazepam, immediately consult your doctor.

If you take more than you should:

Immediately consult your doctor or pharmacist or go to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Take the pack and the rest of unconsumed medicine, even if you feel well.

If you forget to take oxazepam

Take it as soon as you remember. However, if more than 3 hours have passed since the missed dose, skip it and take the next regularly scheduled dose. Do not take a double dose to make up for missed doses.

If you stop taking oxazepam

This medicine should not be stopped abruptly. On the contrary, it should be withdrawn gradually; otherwise, the symptoms by which you are being treated can worse and be more intense than at the beginning (rebound insomnia, anxiety). You should continue taking it until your doctor tells you how and when to reduce the dose.

If you stop taking oxazepam suddenly, you may experience the following withdrawal symptoms

- Depression,
- Nervousness, irritability
- Difficulty sleeping,
- Sweating heavily,
- Upset stomach, diarrhea.

You may also experience mood swings, anxiety, restlessness, headaches, muscle aches and changes in your sleep habits. These effects may occur even after taking low doses for a short period of time.

If you suddenly stop taking oxazepam after being treated with high doses, may experience confusion, hallucinations, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), tremors, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat). It can also lead to unusual behavior including aggressive attacks, excitement or depression with suicidal thoughts or behavior.

If you have any further questions on the use of this product, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Side Effects of oxazepam     

Like all medicines, oxazepam can cause side effects although not everybody gets them.

The frequency of side effects is classified into:

Very common: affect 1 out of 1-10 patients
Common: affect 1 out of 10-100 patients
Uncommon: affect 1 out of 100-1.000 patients
Rare: affect 1 out of 1.000-10.000 patients
Very Rare: affect less than 1 in 10,000 patients
Incidence not known: Can not be established the true incidence from the available data

Consult your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms::

- Restlessness,
- Agitation ,
- Irritability ,
- Aggressiveness,
- Delirio,
- Anger attacks,
- Nightmares ,
- Hallucinations ,
- Psychosis (loss of contact with reality),
- inadequate behavior (more likely in children and the elderly) ,
- depression with or without suicidal thoughts or behavior.

See your doctor if you notice any of the following side effects or notice other effects not listed:

- Slight drowsiness and dizziness may occur during the first few days of treatment),
- Allergic reaction: skin rash, itching,
- Dizziness, fainting, loss of coordination of movements, feeling of spinnings or feel headaches, drowsiness, tiredness,
- Decreased alertness, disorientation , Frequent dreaminess, confusion, excitation, emotional block, difficulty speaking or speech disorder , memory loss, lack of control or muscular incoordination with difficulty controlling movements, alteration of perceptions,
- Blood disorders, with possible decrease in white blood cells, platelets and / or red blood cells. If you notice increased bruising, nosebleeds, sore throat, frequent infections, fatigue, shortness of breath on exertion or abnormal paleness of the skin, tell your doctor, who may also perform tests to check your status,
- Changes in sexual desire,
- Blurred or double vision, low blood pressure, muscular weakness, tremors, fever, fatigue,
- stomach disorders or abdominal cramps, nausea , changes in the amount of saliva,
- Yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes (jaundice) , increased liver enzymes,
- Difficulty urinating, urinary incontinence , water retention,
- Withdrawal symptoms (see the previous section) .

This list does not include all adverse reactions associated with the use of oxazepam, both well established as those that are under consideration or confirmation. In case you feel unwell, should immediately consult with the doctor who prescribed this medicine.

If you notice any side effects not listed in this website or in the leaflet accompanying the package, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

If any of the side effects gets serious, tell your doctor or pharmacist.

List of brands containing oxazepam     

This page contains list of brands of authorized pharmaceutical specialties of the active principle oxazepam in the countries listed below:

Australia] [ Brazil] [ Canada] [ France] [ Germany] [ India] [ Italy] [ Japan] [ Mexico] [ Pakistan] [ Puerto Rico] [ Spain] [ Turkey] [ United Kingdom] [ U.S.A]

Given the nature of the pharmaceutical market, some specialties may be unavailable, have been removed from the pharmaceutical market or have changed its name. So that, in no case can take decisions based on the information contained in the page. MEDIZZINE is not responsible for any damage arising from the information provided, which may be incomplete or outdated.


With exceptions expressly indicated, these lists do not include active principle associations with other drugs or clinical use containers.


ALEPAM 15 mg, 25 tablets
ALEPAM 30 mg, 25 tablets
APO-OXAZEPAM 30 mg, 25 tablets
MURELAX 30 mg, 25 tablets
SEREPAX 15 mg, 25 tablets
SEREPAX 30 mg, 25 tablets




APO OXAZEPAM 10 mg, tablets
APO OXAZEPAM 15 mg, tablets
APO OXAZEPAM 30 mg, tablets
BIO-OXAZEPAM 10 mg, tablets
BIO-OXAZEPAM 15 mg, tablets
BIO-OXAZEPAM 30 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM PRO DOC 10 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM PRO DOC 15 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM PRO DOC 30 mg, tablets
PMS-OXAZEPAM 10 mg, tablets
PMS-OXAZEPAM 15 mg, tablets
PMS-OXAZEPAM 30 mg, tablets
RIVA OXAZEPAM 10 mg, tablets
RIVA OXAZEPAM 15 mg, tablets
RIVA OXAZEPAM 30 mg, tablets


SERESTA 10 mg, tablets
SERESTA 50 mg, tablets


ADUMBRAN 10 mg, tablets
DURAZEPAM 10 mg, tablets
DURAZEPAM 50 mg, tablets
OXA-CT 10 mg, tablets
OXA-CT 50 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM AL 10 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM HEXAL 10 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM STADA 10 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM 1A PHARMA 10 mg, tablets
PRAXITEN 10 mg, tablets
PRAXITEN FORTE 50 mg, tablets
SIGACALM 10 mg, tablets
SIGACALM FORTE 50 mg, tablets


ANXOZAP 10 mg, tablets
ANXOZAP 15mg, tablets
ANXOZAP 30 mg, tablets
SEREPAX 15 mg, tablets
SEREPAX 30 mg, tablets


SERPAX 15 mg, tablets
SERPAX 30 mg, tablets






Available associated


Available associated



United Kingdom:     

OXAZEPAM AAH PHARMA 10 & 15 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM ACTAVIS 10 & 15 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM ALMUS 10 & 15 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM BP 10 & 15 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM GENUS PHARMA 10 & 15 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM KENT PHARMA 10 & 15 mg, tablets
OXAZEPAM THORNTON 10 & 15 mg, tablets

U.S.A. and Puerto Rico:     

OXAZEPAM ACTAVIS ELIZABETH 10, 15 & 30 mg, capsules
OXAZEPAM AMERICAN HEALTH PACK 10, 15 & 30 mg, capsules
OXAZEPAM APHEMA PHARMA 10, 15 & 30 mg, capsules
OXAZEPAM REMEDYREPACK 10, 15 & 30 mg, capsules
OXAZEPAM SANDOZ 10, 15 & 30 mg, capsules
OXAZEPAM STAT RX USA LLC 10, 15 & 30 mg, capsules

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