How to calculate your daily calorie expenditure
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To achieve the goal of improving your nutrition status and weight is essential to know how many calories your body spends daily, ie what is your caloric expenditure. Remember that the only secret to lose excess weight and keep a reasonable weight is to eat fewer calories than you expend daily.

The daily calorie expenditure varies depending not only on the degree of physical activity of the subjet, but also on the age and sex of the person.

Using the form below you can get a pretty good idea what is your daily calorie expenditure.

Degrees of daily activity

Sedentary :

Includes those people with a degree of low or no activity, including people dependent upon caregivers. This degree includes for example, read, watch TV, play games, grooming tasks, etc..

Light activity :

Most office staff, professionals such as lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, employees, housewives with availability of appliances. These people distribute most of its activity between standing or sitting. At least one hour should include moderate activity (tennis, cycling, dancing, etc.). Otherwise, it should be noted as sedentary.

Moderate activity

Personal with light industrial job, power lines, handicrafts, agriculture and fisheries, construction or housewives without appliances. If you are among those with light physical activity, to include in moderate activity, you should make 1.5 to 2 hours of daily exercise .

Intense activity :

This section includes full-time athletes, some farmers with especially hard work, forestry workers, active soldiers, miners, steelworkers, etc..

Extreme activity :

Lumberjacks, blacksmiths, women in construction, workers of manual excavations, etc. People covered here exercise during most of the day moderate or severe exercise.

Enter your data for calculation

Enter age ( 18 to 80 years)    


Enter weight in kilos (30 to 190 kg)    


Enter height in centimeters (130 to 220 cm)    


indicate sex    


Indicate degree of activity