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Information on medicines

Information aimed at patients and consumers to clarify concepts regarding most used medicines

Information on diseases

Information tailored to patients' knowledge about common diseases in daily clinical settings

Information about nutrition

This is a complete set of options for conducting a healthy and balanced diet, ranging from a formulary to check your body mass index until a tool for design a plan to normalize your weight. You can schedule training sessions to help yourself reduce weight or calculate the composition of what you eat.

Advices for parents

While you wait for your pediatrician tells you what to do for your sick child, these tips can help make the situation not worse and give your child the best care possible.


This option includes the list of trademarks of most commonly used active ingredients.


Medizzinepedia is an ambitious project, in what we hope to condense into a non-scientific language most interesting medical knowledge to patients and consumers. The contents of these pages try to give a brief but sufficient information to convey a clear idea about medical concepts.