July 14 2024

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Risks and Benefits of energy drinks

A compilation of published scientific evidence on these popular drinks.

Successful strategies for weight loss and/or maintain a healthy weight

This page provides the information needed to rationally deal with a weight loss plan with a reasonable chance of success, without pills or fad diets or magic ideas about how to become a thin person without too much effort.

Set a weight loss plan

Following this link you can access our step by step guide to establish a reasonable plan of reducing your excess weight, by handling tools available in an integrated manner. Be warned that any plan for weight reduction should consider the opinion of your doctor. Always follow the advice and warnings from his doctor in preference to those indicated in these pages.

Are you overweight? Know your BMI

There are numerous ways to calculate whether a person is overweight or not. The simplest way is to weigh and measure yourself to establish the relationship between data. In most cases, the kilos of weight should correspond to the size in centimeters minus 100. Thus, for a person of 170 centimeters in height, his weight should be close to 70 kilos. However, this way of assessing the weight has the disadvantage that it does not allow for degrees that can relate excess weight with health risks. Through this option you can meet your. Through this option you can meet your Body mass index, a reliable indicator of nutritional status.

Once you know your BMI, the next step is to know how many calories you eat and how many calories you spend on your daily activities. Clicking on this option you can get a good estimate of your daily intake of calories, so you can adjust each other what you eat and what you spend and get a gradual weight reduction.

Calculate daily consumption of calories (what your body expends)

One of the main issues is to know how many calories your body spends, to correct more or less in your eating habits and change the level of activity that you develop. It is not possible to carry out a well-designed plan if you do not know how many calories you spend daily.

Calculate daily calories you eat

This step is necessary both to adjust what you eat to your caloric needs (see above) and to know how many calories are ingested with meals and assess its amount within a reasonable margin. This allows to know whether or not you eat too much relative to what your body expends.

Schedule an additional physical activity

If you need to perform a physical activity that helps burn excess calories ingested this is your choice. You should be aware that any changes of physical activity undertaken must be approved by your doctor.

Know the composition of foods

Through this link you will know the exact composition of each and every one of the common foods in your diet. Some foods from industrial sources are also included. You may also see lists foods with more calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, saturated fat, fiber, cholesterol, calcium, sodium and potassium. We think that some may find very useful.

Risk of overweight and obesity for health

You should read what we told you on this page, so you understand the desirability of reducing the overweight, even a modest decrease. From a clinical point of view, any improvement in your weight, however small, reports a tangible improvement over your health.

special Diets

Some patients require more than just a low calorie diet. In some cases, for medical reasons, people are forced to keep a low salt diet, potassium or cholesterol. In other cases, this is to ensure that the person eats the right amount of a component, such as plant fiber.


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