April 16 2024


When the umbilical cord separation occurs?     

Although there is no fixed rule for the fall of umbilical cord rest, this is usually knock off between the 8th and 10th day and somewhat later in babies born by Caesarean section (12th-15th day). A delay in the fall of the umbilical stump may be indicative of infection in the umbilical wound although it is possible that not due to a specific reason. If the estimated date for the fall of the umbilical cord is exceeded, it would be advisable to consult your pediatrician.

Perhaps the reason that prevents the fall of the rest of the umbilical cord may be an excessive moisture, often induced by too clothes which prevent perspiration and other circumstances, besides the to lack of proper cord care.

What care needs the cord before falling?     

various antiseptic substances are used, although some of them are inadequate and it is not advisable to use.

Antiseptics unsuitable:


It is not the ideal drug. The main drawback is that it can sensitize the skin and lead to dermatitis. If you use it, remember that it should not be used in conjunction with iodinated derivatives, since it can lead to a chemical reaction with undesirable effects.


This known antiseptic and the chemically related substances should not be used in newborns because of the possible absorption of iodine through the skin and the eventual influence on the thyroid gland function of the baby.

Sulfamide powder:

This substance, also known as azole powder, is deprecated in most countries. It can cause skin sensitization (dermatitis) and lacks sufficient antiseptic power to prevent infection.

Neomycin, bacitracin, and other antibiotics:

As topical sulfamide is deprecated for the same reasons that this substance

Suitable antiseptics:

Alcohol 70ยช:

It is one of the best options. Its use also facilitates drying the umbilical cord, since it evaporates almost immediately.


This local antiseptic is also recommended for the cure of the cord

Can you wet the cord?     

No objection to wet the umbilical cord during the baby grooming. Preferably, wash and dry immediately. Thus, the risks of infection are avoided.