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Medicines and alcohol

Information about risks of drinking alcohol concurrently with drugs.

Medicines and food

A guide for use drugs with respect to foods and soft drinks, based on the best scientific evidence available

Medicines and driving

Guide about the effects of medicines regarding driving of vehicles and dangerous machinery.

Information for patientsBETA

A set of information for patients, parents and consumers about healthy nutrition, diseases, medicines and advices about care of children.

Medicines during pregnancy

Information about risks of drug use during pregnancy.

Drug Interactions

Database under development about drug-drug interactions and also interactions with other substances used for recreational purposes.

Medicinal plants

These pages contain information about use of plants with therapeutic purpose. You can know what is the truly scientific base about properties of popular medicinal plants.

Medicines and Breastfeeding

Information about risks of medicines used during lactation.

Adverse Drug Reactions

This section attempts to capture of the widest possible way most side effects known related to the use of prescription drugs more common.

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